5 Entrepreneurial Lessons From Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva, also known by many other names and forms is one of most influential denominations as per Hindu mythology. Often termed to be ‘The Transformer’ or ‘The Destroyer’, Shiva is also a part of the ‘Trimurthis’, one among the three primary figures of God. Various historical and mythical researches prove that he was an ‘outstanding’ character, as he always chose to be one among all his creations and thus it is recorded that this Hindu God lived in the dark cold mountains, thereby depriving himself from the materialistic world.

In every entrepreneur’s life at one point in time, they would play the role of Lord Shiva. Especially in the current context where the startup eco system is booming every entrepreneur must observe and inculcate certain qualities from the ‘Supreme God’. Unlike being a ‘Shiva entrepreneur’ who moves on to start something new after realizing that his startup is not profitable. Here are few lessons that an entrepreneur must learn from Lord Shiva along with few quotes from few Vedic literatures, apart from always chanting ‘Har Har Mahadev’.

The Fearsome ‘Rudra’

“If a man is doing something but has not the firmness of determination within his mind, then he will never be successful.”
Lord Shiva often considered to be the God of Gods also has a very fearsome form which is known ‘The Rudra’. An entrepreneur must have traits of the ‘Rudra’ as it is the only form that has the courage to face any situation fearlessly. While running an enterprise or a startup the front runner of the company must possess bold qualities which will help in the quicker establishment of the business.

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