India files maximum applications for Startup Stock Exchange

India tops the list of countries with most applicants (16), followed by Nigeria (12) and Argentina (9), Brazil (6) and Australia (6) that have listings on the Startup Stock Exchange ( www.startup.SX ).

The Startup Stock Exchange provides a government regulated public securities market for startups and small businesses to sell ownership shares directly to qualified global investors. The shares trade freely on the exchange providing investors a liquid market where they can invest at any level of ownership and any stage of growth.

In the first two weeks of operations, 97 startups have applied for listing on the Startup Stock Exchange. A majority of the applicants are in the e-commerce/Web Tools space (13.4%) and social media/loyalty systems (13.4%). “I’m very excited about the diversity of sectors from companies applying”, said Ian Haet, CEO and cofounder of SSX. “We have startups in traditional sectors like technology and e-commerce, but also companies in the arts, education, automotive, healthcare and lifestyle. This diversity of applicants indicates that the market understands that SSX is a marketplace open to startups from all sectors and all regions of the world.”

“SSX is going to be an exciting marketplace with companies in all sectors and from all countries. Based on our first two weeks, we’re confident that the amount of public listings SSX will have at the end of the first year will be 52 companies,” he added. Latin America (21.6%) has filed the maximum number of applications, followed by Europe (17.5%), India (16.5%), Africa (14.4%), South East Asia/ Australia (13.4%), the Caribbean (8.2%) and the MENA-region (4.1%).

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