Outsourced CFO – Need & Requirements

Outsourced CFO
Corporate finance transactions generally involve major changes to companies and are often landmark events in the history of the firms and their shareholders. At the same time, daily management of the business makes it impossible to pay due attention to medium and long-term strategic issues. These factors, together with the diversity of corporate alternatives and complexity, make it advisable to engage a financial advisor.

A financial advisor’s involvement brings clear advantages to corporate finance transactions, including:
Definition of objectives
support in identifying and choosing the right objectives for the business and its owners

Independent analysis
the strategic alternatives are analysed so that those best suited to the objectives are chosen

Absence of conflicts of interest
the involvement of an independent advisor guarantees your interests are defended

the expertise obtained from previous transactions can be put to work in designing the right strategy for the project

Control of timing and strict confidentiality
of the process

Credible existence of alternatives
allows our clients to negotiate on a competitive basis that optimises the results

Fallback positions in the negotiation
the advisor can raise positions early on in the negotiations that can later be modified by the client

Elimination of possible tensions
between buyers and sellers

Management continuity
so that the company’s ordinary operations can proceed unaffected.

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