Outsourced CFO Package

Outsourced CFO

Outsourced CFO offers packages where a personal CFO renders a certain amount of hours of service per month to guide the financial function of clients’ businesses. Services mainly include (but is not limited to:

Starting a Business :
Company registration and statutory compliance
Structuring the business
Corporate image consultation
Business plan set-up and review
Assistance with market analysis and marketing strategy
Business banking consultation
Accounting package decision-making and implementation
Tax registrations and compliance

Business Planning

Budgeting assistance
Ratio analysis and cash flow planning
Implementation of management accounts for optimal decision-making information
Capital expenditure and staff hiring consultation
BEE rating and compliance

Daily Operations :
Generating and interpreting management accounts
Accounting assistance and audit readiness
Consultation on PAYE, VAT and other statutory requirements
Tax planning and structuring
Individual and company tax returns
Companies Act compliance
Identifying of key risks, and implementation of financial and business controls

Wishing U All the Success – VidyaSunil

Advice for Contacting VidyaSunil
Sunil Hand Phone No. : +91 97398 34819

E Mail Id : vidyasunilassociates@gmail.com
Skype Id : pssunilkumar


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