How to Fund Your Business: Should You Try to Get a Job as an Entrepreneur?

Sometimes entrepreneurship is harder than it looks. Especially because your main objective as an entrepreneur is how to fund your business. To make your dream happen you need to juggle multiple balls in the air, one of them might actually be finding a job that pays the bills while you pursue your startup path. Sometimes, that’s the only solution to the topic of “how to fund your business.”

Finding a job is not easy, and getting the right one is definitely not as simple as you expect. But we have a few tips that you might find very useful when it comes to landing that interview and help guide you to the right direction for getting a job that can help keep your dream going. You’ve probably read thousands of career tips, but we’ve curated four crucial tips that you must follow when searching for a job.

Four Resume Tips Entrepreneurs Should Consider

Clearly list your qualities and skills

Sit down and think about your qualities, strengths and weaknesses. Find a way to enhance your positive qualities and identify your weaknesses in order to find the right way to overcome them. Sometimes you might find out that all you need to do to get your dream job is hone a specific skill.

Mind your Resume’s format

We know, you are creative and original, one of a kind, but recruiters are sticklers for clear and well formatted resumes. As a best practice, save your resume in .docx format or reduced size PDF, this will help you to avoid the database size limit trap that are common among many companies.


The way you present your resume is highly important. Try to keep it as clean and organized as you can. Most professionals advise you to limit your qualifications to just one page for each 10 years of experience, so try to focus in on the area that you really want to enhance.

Resume writing

Here comes the most important part. When it comes to content, it’s best show the top tasks you were responsible for in your the descriptions from your previous jobs. Once you have identified them, use the following rule to write a brief paragraph:

a. What did you do?

b. What did you achieve?

c. How did you do it?

A well written resume should have quantitative data, as well as outcomes. An example is: “Increased customer retention rate on 15% by offering more benefits to customers.” You get the idea.

Use Keywords   

Try reading positions that you are interested in and identify key words to add them to your resume. Sort out and identify the keywords and then use them while also tailoring your resume to the specific position. This will increase your chances for getting through the screening process.   Rely on the Experts

Get your resume ready in just a few minutes, so you have more time to work on your passion.

Did we miss any essential resume tips?

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