• Dedicated Single Window Agency for project approvals formed under Karnataka Facilitation Act, 2002.
    • “Guide to Investors on setting up of Industrial Enterprise” providing holistic information on infrastructure, registrations, approvals, etc. on Single Window portal.
    • Registrations/approvals of 10 departments provided online through Single Window portal.
    • All Commercial tax related services provided online.
    • Online information on availability of land in Industrial Areas.
    • Timelines fixed for providing most of the industry related services under Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act.
    • Property registration fully computerised.
    • Online Consent for Establishment from Pollution Control Board.
    • Online Building Plan approval in Bangalore City Corporation area.
    • Labour and Factories and Boiler Dept. related registrations & renewals are being made online with provision for online payment and digitally signed downloadable & verifiable certificates.
    • Consent for adaption of revised concept of categorisation of Industrial sector into Red, Orange, Green and White categories based on composite scoring of pollution index (discharge of emissions & effluents and its impact on health) instead of size of the Industry and consumption of resources.
    • Consent fee payable to Pollution Control Board being revised by excluding the investment on land and building from the total project cost.

Provisions of various labour laws being revised to suit the present needs of the Industry, keeping the interest of labour in mind.

Advise for contacting VidyaSunil & Associates :
E Mail ID :
Cell No.   : +91 9739834819

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