Patricia Narayan’s inspiring journey from Rags to Riches!


Success comes when you simply refuse to give up,with goals so strong that obstacles,failure,and loss only act as motivation. Patricia Narayan ,the winner of FICCI Women Entrepreneur award is one such example,who overcomed losing situations in life and made it big.

Patricia Narayan’s journey started when she entered the threshold of a complete failed marriage with the person of her own choice who belonged to a Brahmin family. It was considerably troublesome issue for a very conservative Christian family to accept it. Unfortunately, she couldn’t cope up with drug addict and abusive husband who would beat her often. She was left with two choices –either to die with two small kids or fight her own battle as her father denied to help her in. Patricia’s entry into the world of entrepreneurship was not a planned one but more a twist of the circumstances that life threw before her.

As cooking was the only skill she had mastered and was passionate about, she started by selling homemade jams, squashes and pickles which had many takers.The next step ahead was when she was offered a mobile food kiosk by a Good Samaritan who ran a school for handicapped and was giving them free of cost provided 2 handicapped people were employed. Patricia started her saga on the famous Marina Beach where hundreds thronged in the evenings. She started out enthusiastically by laying out a variety of eatables but her sale for the first day was only a cup of coffee worth 50 paisa. However, her progress was briefly stopped by the death of her newlywed daughter Sandheepa. Totally shattered, Patricia was on the verge of giving up but her mother persuaded her to continue. Two years later, she returned to the business and opened her restaurant after her daughter’s name,Sandheepa in Chennai.

Today, she has overcome the hurdles and owns a chain of restaurants. Her success wasn’t a magic or miracle that happened overnight, it actually took her 30 years to be a successful entrepreneur. Her ambition is to build her Sandeepha brand.

I started my business with just two people. Now, there are 200 people working for me in my restaurants. My lifestyle has changed too. From travelling in a cycle rickshaw, I moved to auto rickshaws and now I have my own car. From 50 paise a day, my revenue has gone up to Rs 2 lakh a day.

says Patricia Narayan ,winner of FICCI women entrepreneur award.


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