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VidyaSunil & Associates is a new generation financial consulting firm that also specializes in all kinds of advisory services related to Structured funding (fund based and Non fund Based) Residential Project Funding, Power Projects, Education Institution financing ,Lease rental Discounting, working capital facilities and Mortgage loans.

 Products we syndicate are:

  1. Project Finance- Residential (Apartment & Villa) Projects.
  2. Educational Institution Finance
  3. Corporate term Loans
  4. Lease Rental Discounting
  5. Working Capital facilities
  6. Industrial/Warehouse Mortgage Loans
  1. Project Finance features:

We will structure traditional construction finance and Inventory/cash out financing for residential projects and also refinancing existing loans.

  •  Own land and Joint development projects
  • Loan amount 10 Cr to 125 Cr
  • Rate of interest between 14% to 18%
  • Asset coverage 1.5 times to 2 times
  1. Educational Institution financing:

We will structure for the construction of institutions, refinancing and mortgage finance against institutions, to keep pace with the educational needs we offer Term Loans for establishment of additional capacities for existing educational institutes. Term Loans are structured with flexible options of repayment, based on the needs of the project and offered with competitive prices.

  • Loan amount 5 Cr to 100 Cr
  • Rate of interest between 11% to 16%
  •  70% to 80% of the project cost and 50% to 60% for Mortgage Finance
  • Repayment can be Yearly/Half Yearly/Quarterly/Monthly.
  1. Lease rental discounting : 

We structure lease rental discounting for All commercial, Industrial, Hotels and hospitals for new as well refinancing existing loans with competitive price, competitive loan amount and best terms.

  • Loan Amount 5 Cr to 200 Cr
  • Rate of Interest between 11% to 13%
  • Higher tenure
  • Higher percentage of discounting
  1. Working Capital:

             Cash Credit

  • Working capital as cash-credit facility (with charge on current assets) and  Working Capital Demand Loan
  • Facility for a period of 12 months
  • Floating interest rate. Interest levied only on amount       utilized.

VidyaSunil & Associates is into practice of Tax Complaince, Audit, Accounts , Corporate / Business Finance & Outsourced CFO Services.

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Cell No. : +91 9739834819